Costa da vela: 6 things you can’t miss

Today we want to tell you more about the Coast da Vela, the western point of the peninsula of O Morrazo, between Vigo and Pontevedra stuaries. A virgin coast where the views are of spectacular beauty. 

The lighthouses

In the canal of Monteagudo, natural entrance to the estuary of Vigo, there are three lighthouses that guide the boats: Cabo Home, Punta Robaleira y Punta Subrido. Cape Home, moreover, is the closest point to the islands Cíes (just 2 km). Legend has it that in Cape Home lived a sea monster that one day came out of the water and threatened to devour all the inhabitants of Hío. A warrior named Oridon decided to face him and defeated him, sinking into the sea leaving his spikes out and little by little he became petrified. Today, those spikes are still visible on the cliff. We approach them, but be careful not to wake them…

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Donón cliffs

You haven’t noticed yet, but if we tell you that from here you will enjoy the best panoramic of the Atlantic Islands and we talk about the Lito Portela’s shell, the image comes to your head, right? Our recommendation: the sunset from here is spectacular.

Aldán stuary 

Small stuary between Udra Cape and Punta Couso, with calm and protected waters. Sailing you can discover small white sand coves dotted between sea villages. And the water is ‘a little warmer’.

Facho mountain

In addition to its stunning views, you can visit the remains of an ancient fort habited 3000 years ago and possibly an important place of pilgrimage in the Iberian peninsula. An authentic treasure for lovers of hiking and history.

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The beaches: Barra, Nerga and Viñó 

The beach of Barra, considered the best nudist beach of the Rías Baixas, is composed of more than a kilometer of fine white sand next to the wild nature. Nerga’s is perhaps the busiest because it is the only one that can be reached by car, but traveling with us you won’t have that problem. Viñó, the smallest of just 300 meters, is equally beautiful but intimate at the same time.

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Melide Beach

Everyone agrees it’s the beach with the best view on the Cíes. A little more intimate, with a pine forest where you can eat and take refuge in the shade, is one of the beaches that we like the most.

Recommendations for expert sailors

Volta Montana organizes a 12 km hiking trail, four hours through all these places!

Beach bars: homemade and fresh food at incredible prices. The best? The deal!

The shell at Cape Home and the restaurant just right there

Cape Udra Bar, spectacular views!

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