Galician parties: August 2019

August in Galicia is the month of the party for excellence. Gastronomic, declared of national and international tourist interest, popular … we select the parties that you can not miss in Galicia this August 2019.


Viking Pilgrimage of Catoira

Catoira, July 29 – August 4

This festival of international tourist interest will leave you speechless: Vikings and farmers fight to defend their towers from invasion. Prepare your costume! The landing will be on August 4, starting at 12:30 pm.

Catoria Viking party, vía El País



Cambados, July 31 – August 4

Declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest in 2018, you can taste the albariño in the booths that are in the Paseo da Calzada. Music, fireworks and gastronomy are not lacking in one of the most beautiful villages in Galicia.

Festa do Monte

A Guarda, August 5 – 12

One of the main events is the Saturday Folk Parade attended by thousands of people to contemplate regional costumes and groups of bagpipes and folkloric guests who fill the streets with music on their way. They also highlight the score of marine bands that with their touch of drums and boxes make this parade unique. These seafaring bands, families and visitors ascend to Mount Santa Trega on Sunday morning to celebrate the most important event, the centenary pilgrimage. The bands are distributed by the top of the mountain in a very lively atmosphere with their drums and boxes as protagonists. Its sound can be heard throughout the municipality without rest throughout the pilgrimage.


O Torno Beach, San Cibrao, Cervo, August 10

The legends of the Maruxaina are diverse, a female who lives in the islands of Os Farallóns. Some say it is a mermaid, others that it is a kindly old woman. At midnight the town lights go out and the men go out to the sea to look for the Maruxaina. When they return with her to earth, fireworks are launched and this mythical character is taken to the town square to be judged, although every year she is acquitted. In the ruling of the sentence the judge orders the celebration of a party with queimada that has to last until dawn. Declared tourist interest festival of Galicia.

Water party

Vilagarcía de Arousa, August 16

On the 16th, in Vilagarcía de Arousa, another of the greats, the water festival, comes together. From balconies with buckets to large fire trucks, they will ensure that nobody leaves the party dry

Os caneiros

Betanzos (A Coruña), August 18 and 25

This particular pilgrimage takes place on the Mandeo River in the city of Betanzos, as part of the San Roque festival program. The river is filled with decked boats that transport the attendees to the highest part of the river, to enjoy the party in the countryside throughout the day. In the evening, dinner on the boats. At the time of departure you can see spectacular water fires.

Istoria party

Rivadavia returns to medieval times. Among the highlights of the day is the medieval dance, the Jewish wedding, the falconry exhibitions, the archery, the medieval tournament, the human chess and the medieval dinner. This party is listed as a Festival of National Tourist Interest.

Gastronomic Parties

Festas do pemento de Herbón

Convent of San Antonio de Herbón, Padrón, August 3

In this festival of tourist interest in Galicia, you can taste more than 2000 kg of peppers for free. The motorized agricultural procession, the pilgrimage, the verbena, everything has a place!

Octopus party

Carballiño, August 10

You can taste this delicacy of our sea and have fun in the Arenteiro River, where a traditional pilgrimage is celebrated. It is the gastronomic festival par excellence in Galicia since 1962, becoming a festival of national tourist interest.

O Carballiño. 05-08-14. Provincia. Preperación da tapa de polbo máis grande do mundo na praza maior do Carballiño.Foto: Xesús Fariñas


Festa da Ameixa de O Carril

Vilagarcía, August 17 and 18

Few pleasures like tasting tasty clams overlooking the island of Cortegada.


Gastronomic parties every weekend in a Illa de Arousa

A illa de Arousa is a spectacular enclave to enjoy your vacation this year. We can also navigate the entire island and discover its beaches during the day, and enjoy its many gastronomic parties at the same time:

August 2,3,4 Mussel Festival

9,10,11, August 15-18, Festival of seafood products

23,24, August 25  Red clam party

August 30.31 Octopus Party

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