If you want to sail with dolphins around Vigo, we have the perfect route

The Galician coast in summer is the ideal choice for those who like to enjoy the sea. Every year it is more common to find new visitors in the Rias Baixas, and we do not speak only of tourists. If you want to sail with dolphins on the Vigo estuary, keep reading.

More and more often we can see specimens never seen until now in the Galician coast, like whales, whales or lemon fish. But without a doubt the most loyal holidaymakers to the Rias Baixas are the dolphins: groups of up to 150 who are popularly known as ‘‘arroaces’ have been found populating our rivers. The bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute (BDRI) states that dolphins are present throughout the year in our waters, and also in a good number.

Galicia Atlantic Islands Maritime-Land National Park, home to our biodiversity

The marine environment occupies most of the area of the National Park, the great diversity of seabed provide it with a high ecological value and a great attraction, both for its spectacular underwater landscapes and for its richness in fauna and flora. The National Park, in addition to being a reference for tourism in Galicia, acts to conserve and protect the marine environment and the richness of our ecosystems.

Sail Cies islands with dolphins


Small dolphin sightings are common every time we go sailing on any of our routes. Enjoy your jumps and pirouettes is already a classic on a holiday in Galicia. Sail in our catamarans with skipper and enjoy this company so special towards the Cíes Islands.

With our route ‘Islands of the gods’ you will be able to sail to the jewel of the Maritime-Terrestrial National Park of the Atlantic Illes of Galicia on board a private catamaran with skipper, that will help you discover all the secrets hidden in its waters. The experience starts at 11:00 am at the port towards the beach of the island of San Martiño, which is not reached by regular shipping lines, so it is only accessed by private boat. The second stop will be the Rodas beach. You will discover the amazing life under the sea by snorkeling and paddle surfing. Enjoy a catering service on board, before heading to the beaches of Barra and Liméns, two beautiful beaches of the O Morrazo region and last stop before returning to port. Are you in?

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