10 reasons to rent a boat in autumn

Autumn has arrived. And you might think that the charter companies will close, because you only sail in summer. Not at all! The sea always has a lot to offer, so look at these 10 reasons to rent a boat in autumn:

  1. Sailing relaxes: who doesn’t like to watch the sea? Well, sailing, in the middle of its immensity is pure therapy. Every time we go sailing we leave worries on dry land. If you need to relieve stress, try and see.
  2. …and is beneficial for health: improves respiratory capacity, improves mobility, muscle strength, joints… the iodine and magnesium that contain the breeze and the sea come into contact with our body and give us a shot of energy.
  3. A captain is always good company: with him, you have the adventure insured and you will never get bored. After so many years sailing they know to heart all the stories and legends of the area, besides their own anecdotes.
  4. Magical places for yourself: in low season you can enjoy spectacular places like the natural park of the Atlantic islands of Galicia with no one else around. Who has not dreamed of being alone in the Cíes?
  5. You can share your trip with more people. Making a plan with all your family or friends in the summer can be difficult, because everyone chooses a different destination. Going sailing on a weekend can be the perfect plan to overcome the end of summer and the return to routine.
  6. Break the routine: in the sea there are not two equal days. Whether on a journey of a couple of hours or a trip of a week, each morning you will live new experiences. From sailing with dolphins to meeting a local sailor and sharing the catch with him, anything is possible!
  7. If you travel with children, they will learn to love nature as much as you do. Little by little they learn how important it is to preserve the nautical world to continue enjoying it in the future.
  8. The climate: in the Rías Baixas, the autumns are very warm. Some days are not even distinguished from one in August. Following the rule of the 3 layers of clothing you can even get to enjoy a dip and be perfectly prepared to return to port when temperatures drop.
  9. Galician gastronomy in autumn. We know that in Galicia the food is always incredible, but the gastronomy of autumn is a great unknown and delicious! ‘Cocido’, ’Magosto’… discovers other horizons beyond the octopus and the zamburiñas.
  10. The price: sailing in low season is much cheaper. Also, if you book full weeks, Charter Terranova will be able to enjoy up to 10% off.

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