What to do in Cíes Islands?

If you are planning to travel to the Cíes Islands this summer, we recommend you read this post first. We tell you what to do in the Cíes Islands before, during and after visiting them.


You may already know the Cíes Islands, the jewel of the Terrestrial National Maritime Park of the Atlantic Islands. They’re 3 islands: Monte Agudo, O Faro and San Martiño. The first two are connected by the Rodas beach.

Before coming to Cíes, remember you need authorization

It is a National Park and the number of visitors per day is restricted from June to September. Due to the problems of overcrowding in the past, since 2018 it is mandatory to have permission to visit Cíes Islands. This permission is granted by the Xunta de Galicia in this link. What do you do if there are no more places to travel to the islands the weekend you wanted? Don’t worry, if you travel with us, you can visit them anyway. Charter Terranova belongs to the Europarc network, so we can sail to Cíes outside the regular shipping lines.

Cies islands landscape
Cíes Islands views

Once on the islands, here’s what you can do:

Enjoy a day at the beach

You can choose from its 9 beaches, the best known are Rodas beach, one of the most beautiful in the world and the German’s beach (Figueras beach), where you can practice nudism.

Rodas, best beach in the world
Rodas beach, Galicia, España

Get to know the islands through the hiking trails

There are four main routes: route O Monte Faro, which is the longest and most popular, the route Faro da Porta, a gentle walk overlooking the sea, Faro do Peito or a walk on the north island, and O alto do Principe, which ascends from the pier to the cliffs of the island of Monteguado. If you like photography, don’t forget your camera, the views are spectacular.

Cíes lighthouse
Cíes lighthouse

Birds lovers, you’re in luck

Visit one of the bird watching spots and try to identify the protected species that nest in Cíes, or enjoy the spectacular views. Binoculars in hand!

birds in Cíes islands
Birds in Cíes Islands

Snorkeling or water activities

With Charter Terranova you can snorkel, paddle surf and fishing by hiring any of our services.


Where to eat?

In Cíes most people choose to take their tapper with food , since there is not much offer, but if you have occasion to eat in any of its three restaurants is a luxury at everyone’s reach. The main restaurant is next to the pier, but we recommend Serafín: fish of the day and a spectacular terrace.

Where to sleep?

Campsite Cíes has 800 places, you can book your plot and run your own tent or book one of the ones there. Here you have a restaurant, cafe, shop and social lounge, with wifi although there is not very good connection. It’s about forgetting phones and enjoying!

Cíes Camp

Watch the sunset from the gateway

And what to say is to stay on the gateway that joins the two islands to watch the sunset. A spectacle! With applause every day at the end of the sunset.

Cíes gateway, Volta Montana


This is all you can do on Cíes islands with public access. If you want to discover everything about the third island, San Martiño, which can only be accessed by private boat, click here!

We hope you enjoy your stay on the islands of the Gods.

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