7 Best Beaches in Pontevedra

We know that you like to have everything under control to enjoy your summer in Galicia as much as possible. If you are going to visit the Rías Baixas, you cannot miss this 7 best beaches of Pontevedra, chosen by our followers.

7. O Vao beach (Vigo)

If you like the comfort of a beach just 12 minutes from the city center, it is your choice. O Vao is a white sand beach on the outskirts of Vigo, quiet and moderate waves. Its 700 meters long allows you to enjoy a good walk, also has rental services for surfboards, canoes and snorkeling equipment. A recovery work has been done on the dunes, which close it to the road protecting it from the wind. There are many beach bars and restaurants where you can walk within 10 minutes. You can easily reach both by car and by urban transport from the center of Vigo.

O Vao

The best: the views of the Toralla Island.

6. Pragueira beach (Sanxenxo)

Pragueira is a 300 meter long beach where you can be alone in the middle of august. It’s one of the least known in the area, with good access and crystal clear waters. The sunset here is unique thanks to the incredible views of Ons island and Cíes Islands. It has several ‘field parking’ where you can leave the car all day for only € 3.

The best: the beach bar. From freshly caught sardines, mussels, octopus … and their incredible prices.


The worst: sometimes algae take over the sand.

5. Castiñeiras beach (Cangas Do Morrazo)

Castiñeiras means Galician paradise. Access is by small roads, so parking is practically impossible, except for private fields that turn into parkings during the summer. 200 meters of white sand and crystal clear waters, which are characterized by giant rocks in the middle and middle. It can be accessed from Areabrava beach, by a walking path or through the wooden stairs, which in recent years have made things much easier. A family beach, where you can enjoy the day in Galifornia style.

The best: the beach bar, again, great prices and quality product.


The worst: access in summer is sometimes very crowded, so it is preferable to go by boat ?

4. Lapamán beach (Bueu)

The orientation of Lapamán Beach is north-northwest, protected to the east by the entire peninsula of O Morrazo and Monte Castelo, to the north by Sanxenxo and Poio, to the west by the Ons Island and to the south by Bueu. It’s very protected from the wind. Its sand is white and very fine. With calm waters, it has a few degrees more temperature than the beaches in the area, especially in the far north. There are four little rivers that cross the beach, perfect for the children games. When the tide falls you can walk to O Santo island, an islet with a ruined chapel and a small beach.

The best: there are two secret caves between the rocks, let’s see if you can find them!


The worst: at low tide there is the risk of being bitten by fishes.

3. Melide beach (Cape Home)

Morrazo beaches slip into the best three best positions, starting with Melide, protected by Punta Robaleira and Punta Fuxiño Subrido, and its small lighthouses with beautiful views of the Cíes Islands. It is accessed from the path of Cape Home, another highly recommended visit. It is not a crowded beach and ecological interest, but with all the amenities provided by its blue flag, such as showers or wooden walkway to access. It has a restaurant very close, and a beach bar if you do not want to move from the beach more than

The best: you can surf and other water activities with commodity.


The worst: from the parking lot to the beach there is still a stretch, so we recommend you not to go with many things in the bag.

2. Areacova beach (Cangas Do Morrazo)

Not surprisingly, Aldán estuary is the Galician Caribbean. Areacova beach is located in A Espiñeira sheltered by the mountain that hugs it. Without hardly any constructions it is in full nature. In addition to its crystal clear waters, it has all the services and an excellent beach bar for grilled sardines and grilled meat. Parking is complicated, and to access it is necessary to walk a little.


The best: if your friends only see the photographs, they will think you are in the Caribbean. It only differs in water temperature.

1. Barra beach (Cangas Do Morrazo)

Barra is one of the most impressive beaches, even the best nudist beaches in all of Spain. It’s separated from civilization by its dunes, which gives that extra privacy that will allow you to be totally relaxed and in touch with nature. 700 meters of sheltered sand where to enjoy the summer.


The best: its virgin nature, with no buildings in sight

The worst: from the car to the beach you have to walk about 200 meters

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