8 Reasons To Rent A Private Boat This Summer

We usually see vacation rentals, hotels and even rbnb, but a private boat with a skipper, although it seems inaccessible and not for all budgets, (nothing further from reality) may be the best option. Today, we give you 8 reasons to rent a private boat this summer:

Enjoy the summer safely without giving up the beach, the sun and the sea

In addition to enjoying the safety of sailing with your family or friends, without crowds or waiting, we will discover you all the secrets of our land and our sea, which do not appear in the travel guides. Check our routes, or customize yours.

The price

You don’t need to own a boat to enjoy a vacation on board. From approximately € 450, you can rent your skipper boat with capacity for up to 12 people and 10 nights.

Enjoy a hotel in the middle of the sea, and choose a new destination every day

It isn’t necessary to travel 8,000 km to enjoy paradisiacal beaches. And with your private boat you will have access to the most remote beaches and coves. Sailing allows you to reach inaccessible places. Discover the true crystalline coves, the deserted beaches and enjoy them in absolute privacy.

A room where you want

Another advantage of sailing is being able to drop anchor anywhere. You can make your own route and spend the night in those places that you want to discover every day, without having to always return to the same hotel room. A special mention for the views, which are amazing.

A floating apartment

Kitchen, cabins, kitchenware … a private apartment at your disposal. And so you save all the expenses of the holidays, such as travel, hotel nights and other extras.

Comfort above all

If you want to visit a region or an island, you don’t have to change hotels or packing a hundred times during your vacation. In addition to a floating apartment, the ship itself is your transportation. Accounts and flights, hotel, car rental and extras … we have EVERYTHING.

Complementary activities

Sailing, snorkeling, fishing, meditation … all with maximum security and enjoying the sea to the fullest.

A guide who will discover all the local secrets

A skipper is like that tourist guide who knows where the best restaurants, the best landscapes, where the best sunsets are … let us advise you and we will discover all the secrets of our land and our sea, those that do not appear in travel guides. Check our routes, or customize yours.

We hope you have enjoyed these 8 reasons to rent a private boat this summer. If we have convinced you, contact us. We have two fantastic catamarans waiting for you.

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