Can You sail In Phase 2?

Can you sail in phase 2? Are there any restrictions ? And in phase 1 we are in? Today, we try to solve all your doubts.

In phase 1, which we are in right now (May 19, 2020) in Galicia, recreational boating can be developed according to its consideration as active and nature tourism by limited groups. But, watch out! :

  • The occupants may not exceed 50% of the limit established in each boat, unless all people reside in the same home.
  • The people on board may never be more than ten people.
  • Starting this Monday, you can also rent jet skis, although only one person can go on board, unless the companion resides at the same address.
  • Disinfection measures and reinforcement of health and hygiene standards on boats must be adopted.
  • You can’t sail in waters outside the province. In our case, we can’t leave Pontevedra.
  • Neither motorcycles nor boats can go more than 12 miles

what happens in phase 2?

In phase 2 recreational boating is also allowed, expanding its restrictions. In Galicia we are scheduled to enter phase 2 next Monday, May 25. These will be the news:

The owners of boats that were moored in a municipal area other than their residence, but in the same province, could already make visits to carry out safety and maintenance checks.

It will be possible to navigate in larger groups (still waiting to confirm the occupancy percentage).

As in the previous phase, navigation will also have geographical limitations without being able to make trips to waters in other provinces or islands.

Navigation practices in nautical schools in phase 2

In phase 2, the great novelty is that they can also carry out navigation practices to obtain recreational titles, which require the use of recreational boats in the same province.

Phase 3: Recreational Navigation is allowed without restrictions

In phase 3, scheduled in Galicia on June 8, nautical recreational activities will already be authorized, with no limitations other than those that govern generally, such as those of a geographical nature and the adoption of preventive sanitary measures .

From now on, you will be able to sail again, that’s why, from Charter Terranova we want to encourage you to enjoy sailing this summer, without crowds, only with your family and friends.

Here are our routes to go making your mouth water. This summer, we are sailing at home;)

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