Best Beaches in Galicia: Melide Beach

One of the best beaches in Galicia: Melide beach. Melide beach is located at the end of Cabo Home, a place with a natural landscape that is well worth seeing. Cabo Home is located in Cangas do Morrazo, Pontevedra, in Rías Baixas. To get to this beach we will have to head west along the … Read more

8 Reasons To Rent A Private Boat This Summer

We usually see vacation rentals, hotels and even rbnb, but a private boat with a skipper, although it seems inaccessible and not for all budgets, (nothing further from reality) may be the best option. Today, we give you 8 reasons to rent a private boat this summer: Enjoy the summer safely without giving up the … Read more

Can You sail In Phase 2?


Can you sail in phase 2? Are there any restrictions ? And in phase 1 we are in? Today, we try to solve all your doubts. In phase 1, which we are in right now (May 19, 2020) in Galicia, recreational boating can be developed according to its consideration as active and nature tourism by … Read more

Why is there a Jules Verne statue in Vigo?

In the Montero Ríos gardens, this sculpture, known as the octopus, is actually a sculpture dedicated to Jules Verne. The well-known French writer dedicated a chapter to “the Bay of Vigo” in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea‎ ​​where Captain Nemo’s submarine, the Nautilus, enters the Vigo Estuary to rescue Rande’s treasures. Nemo tells Aronnax, … Read more

7 Best Beaches in Pontevedra

We know that you like to have everything under control to enjoy your summer in Galicia as much as possible. If you are going to visit the Rías Baixas, you cannot miss this 7 best beaches of Pontevedra, chosen by our followers. 7. O Vao beach (Vigo) If you like the comfort of a beach … Read more

the hell hole legend

You may have never heard of this, but the legend tells that on Ons island, in the National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia, is the real entrance to hell. “O buraco do inferno” is literally “the hole to hell”. Residents and visitors of the island of Ons thought that hole connected the world … Read more

10 tips to plan your holidays in Galicia 2020

If you have already chosen your vacation days, it’s the ideal time to start valuing options. Today we give you 10 tips to plan your holidays in Galicia 2020. You will not regret choosing the north of Spain, promised! Book in advance: it seems obvious, but the more time you spend searching for your vacations … Read more

Holidays 2020: Special Christmas Promotion

Book your 2020 holidays, at the best price! After the success of Black Friday, we want to celebrate this first year with you with a special Christmas discount. Because the essence of christmas is to share happiness … and what better way to spend time with those you love most? Another socks, a totally impersonal … Read more

Visit San Simon Island In Winter

Visiting the island of San Simón in winter is a perfect plan to reunite the family, go sailing and relive our history. Perhaps you didn’t know this, but the island of San Simón is fundamental in the history of the Rías Baixas. There are many legends about treasures, but it also has a darker part:  … Read more