the hell hole legend

You may have never heard of this, but the legend tells that on Ons island, in the National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia, is the real entrance to hell.

“O buraco do inferno” is literally “the hole to hell”. Residents and visitors of the island of Ons thought that hole connected the world of the living with the underworld. On stormy days we believe we hear cries and voices of souls in sorrow and there are people who say they saw a bull with great horns that protect the entrance to the eternal fire.

Pic @pequenasfotinhos

This hole of hell is not the entrance to the underworld, but it is the deepest cave in Pontevedra. Its 80 m of free fall is a sure death, as has happened with José Luis Herrero Padín. He died on October 18, 1963 during the course of topographic training exercises from the Marín Military Naval School to slide inside. The cross that is next to the cave is in memory of this fatal incident.

Obviously, what is heard in days of storm is nothing more than the sound of waves when entering the cavity. Although there is a second theory, which defends that they were the squawks of the birds that nested in the cavity the responsible for these laments. We can’t say if both are true or false. If you sail with us, you can access from the bottom, discover its secrets and see for yourself.

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