10 tips to plan your holidays in Galicia 2020

If you have already chosen your vacation days, it’s the ideal time to start valuing options. Today we give you 10 tips to plan your holidays in Galicia 2020. You will not regret choosing the north of Spain, promised!

  1. Book in advance: it seems obvious, but the more time you spend searching for your vacations and before closing them, the better for your pocket. Most establishments, hotels and services make discounts for early booking. Including us!
  2. Plan the routes every day: the best way to enjoy the holidays is to be clear where you are traveling. Do you want to go to the Cíes Islands? Great, in addition, look for what to see in the surroundings: Vigo, O Morrazo, Baiona, Sanxenxo, Portonovo … from restaurants to plans in nature, visits guided tours, museums … so, you will have taken better advantage of your visit and will better optimize your vacations.
  3. Where to eat? The gastronomic parties: If there is something in Galicia, it’s food and in abundance, remind it at the time of ordering! Find out which local gastronomic party is celebrated that week, and add it to your calendar. We assure you that with very little, you will eat unimaginable delights. For this, galegas páxinas is always the best guide.
  4. Accommodation: from pilgrim hostels to luxurious hotels. Find what best suits you. We propose to spend the night in our own catamarans, so you will have a boat + hotel all in one. And decide where to sleep while enjoying the day on board.
  5. The weather. It rains, but not so much. Galicia has an undeserved reputation, since the weather, especially in the south, is fantastic. Of course, at night it refreshes, and more on board. If you do not want to take any fright, always have a jacket for when temperatures begin to drop, on board, even more.
  6. And the beach? Yes, there are many beaches, very beautiful, authentic and little crowded. Book the charter with us and we will discover the best ones;)
  7. Parties: in Galicia in summer, there is a party in every corner. August 15th is the most festive day. It’s hard not to go through any. Both pilgrimages and popular festivals, we recommend you visit them.
  8. Visit Santiago: Wherever you are, Santiago de Compostela should be a must. We assure you that it has a special magic. If you are reading this well in advance, 2021 is Xacobeo year, and it is always a good opportunity to visit the cathedral.
  9. Nature: if you like fresh air and an immense green landscape, Galicia is for you. If you don’t believe us, discover the main routes to enjoy nature
  10. On board, better than better: If you want a different vacation, aboard a catamaran with skipper, call us! In addition to enjoying sailing without schedules, we will discover all the secrets of our land and our sea, which do not appear in the travel guides. Check our routes , or customize yours.

We hope that these 10 tips to plan your holidays in Galicia in 2020 have been useful. We are waiting for you this summer!

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