Visit San Simon Island In Winter

Visiting the island of San Simón in winter is a perfect plan to reunite the family, go sailing and relive our history. Perhaps you didn’t know this, but the island of San Simón is fundamental in the history of the Rías Baixas. There are many legends about treasures, but it also has a darker part: 

  • Known as “Illa dos pensamentos’ are actually two: San Simón and San Antón, joined by a bridge.
  • During the Middle Ages, it was a monastic center. During the twelfth century it was habited by the Templars and then by the Franciscans.

Visit San Simon island


  • Pirate Island: In 1589 the English pirates plundered the island and, years later, after the battle of Rande, the members of the Anglo-Saxon fleets again plundered it.
  • In the middle of the nineteenth century, it became a lazaretto. San Antón became the dirty island .It housed the terminally ill until 1927.

  • During the Spanish Civil War, these buildings began to be used as a prison and concentration camp for prisoners who opposed the Franco regime. They were distributed in different pavilions throughout the island, and hundreds of people are believed to have died there.The island was considered one of the most frightening prisons. More than 1,200 people were imprisoned until 1943.
  • It was an orphanage for children whose parents died at sea.


  • In 1999 it was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest 
  • Jules Verne dedicated a chapter to him in 20,000 leagues of underwater travel
  • It was also the setting for the film The Carpenter’s Pencil.
  • Now it serves as the setting for such important cultural activities as the Sin Sal Festival

What to see in San Simon?

  • Its breathtaking nature
  • Its gardens or the centenary “Paseo de los buxos” ( by the bojes, trees that populate the garden)


Its buildings were remodeled and converted by César Portela historical memory recovery center. It has an auditorium, library, school of the sea, hotel, and restaurant (unfortunately currently not working due to lack of activity ). From the previous period, we can observe the hermitage of San Antón (everything else was destroyed by the English pirate Francis Drake).




The views of the Rande bridge and the whole environment of the Ría de Vigo are spectacular!



Access is managed by authorization of the Xunta de Galicia. With our guided route, historical Vigo, you can visit the island of San Simón in winter and any time of year, as we manage all the necessary permissions. Our captain will explain everything about the Battle of Rande, and its history.


  • 1 day: departure from the port of Vigo at 11:00 am. Stop for lunch in San Adrián de Cobres. Then, we will go to San Simón and visit the troughs on the way back to the port of Vigo. Mooring at 20:00 pm.
  • Half day: departure from the port of Vigo at 11:00 am or at 15:00 pm. Visit to San Simón Island and return to the port of Vigo at 16:00 pm or at 20:00 pm.

PRICE: from 380€.



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