June Recommendation: San Martiño Island

You may already know the Cíes Islands, the jewel of the Terrestrial National Maritime Park of the Atlantic Islands.

But today we want to tell you more about the South Island, known as San Martiño Island. A complete unknown to all. Few have been able to land on the mysterious third island.

San Martiño
Picture of: Tourism of Galicia

Wider than the northern islands, it’s separated by the Freu da Porta canal. They say it’s shaped like a shell and is in a virtually untouched environment, without buildings or services. Inside the island there are no roads or little tracks, except access to the lighthouse and a short path from the beach to the remains of a mill.

It’s a perfect island to get lost and enjoy an authentic paradise in solitude, that can only be can acceded by private boat and few tourists venture to anchor there.


Beach of San Martiño

Picture of: Tourism of Galicia.

The beach of San Martiño is undoubtedly the must of this trip. Normally deserted, it has 500 meters of calm crystal clear waters and fine white sand, it is more or less nudist, although there are no established rules. To get there you need a boat, as there are no docks. We have ours well prepared on board our catamarans.

Bicos Cape

Picture of: Tomás Alonso.

It’s located following the summit of Mount Pereira, 175 meters above sea level.  Bicos lighthouse is at the end of the narrow road.

Muíño do Limpiño (Limpiño Mill)

San Martiño island
Picture of: Tomás Alonso.

To reach it you have to cross the island, and remember, there are no trails. You will have to go into its lush vegetation. There is almost no rest, you only see the tower of the levee that brought water from a small dam. Watch out for everything around it, as it is almost completely covered by vegetation.

Remains of the 20th century salting factory

San Martiño island
Picture of: Tomás Alonso.

On having passed the pier, you will find a house that, although old, still stands in perfect condition. If you continue on, you will reach the ruins of the salting factory built in 1840.

Curiosities: There are two dwellings, one of them habited that belongs to a marriage that are legally registered in the Cíes. Nothing is known about them, for years now they haven’t granted interviews despite the great interest in their history.

The main activities of these islands are traditional fishing and to fish for shellfish. On the beach of San Martiño there is a bank of razors whose extraction modality is through diving.

Do you want to know their secrets? With Charter Terranova you can explore this unknown gem of the Atlantic and enjoy as if it were the film ‘The beach’.

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